Marvalous Trade & Consultancy

Providing Support for Aviation & Defense

Based on more than 25 years of experience in the (military) defense and aviation industry Marvalous has established a global network of suppliers, service providers, industry partners and customers in both the civil and military domain. With strong relations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia, Marvalous is able to generate business in support of many different types of equipment.

Marvalous provides support solutions throughout the full scope of aviation ranging from logistics, spare parts, component repair, maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrades (MRO&U) to aircraft procurement (used), training solutions for technicians and operators (pilots). Besides aviation Marvalous supports various ground based defense requirements as well.

Our strategy can easily be summarized as “connecting the dots”. Throughout our global network we are very aware of the various requirements on the one hand and the wide range of capabilities of our partners on the other hand enabling very cost effective and efficient solutions for our customers. The subject matter expertise that Marvalous has built up over the years adds value in the sense of unbiased, objective advice that will assist our customers and partners to find the best and most flexible solutions.


Marvalous represents various products that are applicable to the Aviation and Defense industry. It is our goal to represent only those products of which we are convinced they are of significant added value and outstanding quality.


We can offer a wide array of services ranging from training to maintenance, repair, overhaul and provisioning of spare parts, For these services we work closely together with a dedicated partner network.


Our main strength is our knowledge of the Aviation and Defense industry and the various players in that field. We carefully select our partners and fully stand behind their level of quality and professionalism.